A known stranger..

I know that you’re not good at goodbyes. You are the orange spell of the evening where days collides with nights. I can see much more deep in your blurred eyes. You’re more than a person who only fights. When my train of thoughts is flagged down, You’re a sweet lie that camouflages my turmoil. […]

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Raat chahe jaag kar guzari ho, magar agli subha ghar se nikalte waqt muskurati rehti hun. Kisi se aankh milakar kahin toot na jaaun, usse pehle hi nazar hata leti hun. “Mehnat karna seekh ja” khudko yahi salah deti hun. “Bohot kuch karna hai toh kuch khona hi padhega” ye keh kar khudko samjha leti […]

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Heavy Nights

I hate this seething night, this miserable fight. This variety of plight. From first light to twilight, Then dusk till dawn, i quiver. Now the minutes are like hours. Lonely and trying, the clock keeps ticking. And as each hour chimes, What makes your heart crippled? My emotions are unsung in the hardship prolonged, And […]

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You don’t know what this wistful memory of bitter past is like.This is the sort of feeling that makes your heart callous, this is the sort of vague night that keeps you up, this is the most torturous thought that makes you constantly encompass your voice.This ignominy is so heavy and pangful my friend.

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